Just Did the Crazy Right Thing

Here is a letter letter I sent today as I un-submitted my manuscript.


Submission Team,

Several weeks ago, as an enthusiastic first time “author,” I submitted a manuscript “Corpse in Kitchen 3” to Shadow Mountain publishing. In the last few weeks, I have had several friends read the manuscript, joined ANWA, learned much more about the publishing business, had an editor look at the first few pages, and most importantly tried to read my manuscript aloud on a cross country trip with my new BYU graduate son.

Through all of that I learned one thing: the story is good, but the manuscript is awful. Everyone liked the “story” but even I had a hard time making it though the grammar/point of view/logic/change of tense errors still left in the draft I had mailed.

So what I ask is this: Please take my manuscript out of the pile and put it directly in the “round pile.”

When ever have it polished enough for editor eyes, I will send it off again.

Thank you so much for your consideration,

Diane Jortner,waste-basket----2_21218052
I am not ever resubmitting.  Say hello to the next self-publishing, indie author.  D. Lee Jortner